Simpler, More Consistent WordPress Navigation Walkers

There are a lot of classes used in wp_list_pages as well as wp_nav_menu and they aren’t consistent from one to the other. Here I’ve provided a couple of walker classes as well as a sample and some explanation to tighten things up and make them a little easier to style. They could also be used to customize the output to match classes used by frameworks like Twitter’s Bootstrap and Zurb’s Foundation.

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WebKit’s Mask-Box-Image

Screenshot of webkit-box-image in use on Google Analytics
Note the subtle elliptical shadow under the search box.

This was a little, rounded shadow at the top of a sidebar in the Google Analytics dashboard. I had done something similar that required a little more code so I copied it to see if it could be made more browser independent.

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Repeating WordPress Editor

In the event that you should need multiple, WordPress editor instances (perhaps multivariate testing or for various campaigns) it is my hope that this post will get you well on your way. All it requires is an understanding of WordPress meta boxes, passing arrays with form elements and a little jQuery.

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