Golden Ratio Typography in SASS

Typography is not my strong point but even I can tell when something feels wrong. Like when there’s not enough whitespace between each line of text. That’s why I love Chris Pearson’s Golden Ratio Typography Calculator. But, when I visited the page recently to get some values, it wasn’t completely loading so it didn’t work. I needed an alternative, so I built my own function in SASS to do the work.

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Simpler, More Consistent WordPress Navigation Walkers

There are a lot of classes used in wp_list_pages as well as wp_nav_menu and they aren’t consistent from one to the other. Here I’ve provided a couple of walker classes as well as a sample and some explanation to tighten things up and make them a little easier to style. They could also be used to customize the output to match classes used by frameworks like Twitter’s Bootstrap and Zurb’s Foundation.

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WebKit’s Mask-Box-Image

Screenshot of webkit-box-image in use on Google Analytics
Note the subtle elliptical shadow under the search box.

This was a little, rounded shadow at the top of a sidebar in the Google Analytics dashboard. I had done something similar that required a little more code so I copied it to see if it could be made more browser independent.

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