The ePrivacy Regulation and It’s Impact

The ePrivacy Regulation will replace the ePrivacy and Electronic Communications Directive 2002, which was implemented in the UK in 2003. The fact that it is a regulation is important, as this means it will be a legal act and will be immediately enforceable in its entirety across all EU member states, as opposed to a directive, which allows states to introduce their own mechanisms, provided they match the spirit of the original directive.

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21 Warning Signs of a Low-Quality Web Hosting Company [Infographic]

One of the basic foundations of all websites is a web hosting. A good web hosting will ensure that your site is easily accessible by users and search engines at all times. It will help keep your site safe and secure from potential harms like virus, spam, malware and hacking. Also, it will make it easier for you to incorporate new technologies which will help you stay ahead of your competitors in this online world.

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Another Google Analytics Spam Update

So it appears that one of the major targets is the “Language” attribute of your referrals. But, since they all refer to the same, fake, domain we can easily filter these out.

Normally, you’ll see things like en, en-us, or maybe (not set) but currently there are some being injected that make reference to a fake version of Google, using a non-standard “G” to trick you. You might not even see this text unless you have the “User > Language” data being shown on your referrals but it’s likely there. Once you’ve set up the filter you’ll see how many actual references there are when you “verify” it.

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