Referral Spam Cleanup

Export a List of Your Referrers

This tool is meant to assist you in filtering out unwanted, spam referrals in your Google Analytics reporting. It does this by processing your current referrers and creating the custom filters to clean up the results.

To export the CSV we'll be using to create the filters, open your Google Analytics and click on the property you'd like to work on.

Screenshot of properties in Google Analytics
Choose the property

You'll have to drill down a little into the GA dashboard in order to see your referrals. But, if you're looking for a solution to this problem, you probably already know where to look, huh?

Acquisition > All Traffic > Referrals

If you have more than 10 referrers then you'll have a paginated list of them in the table at the bottom. To get a full report, scroll to the bottom and adjust the "Show Rows" select menu to a number better suited to showing all of your referrers.

Screenshot of the menu to show a number of rows
Choose the option that will show all referrers
Now that we have all our referrers in one table we can export the CSV. Scroll back up to the top of the page and look for the "Export" button underneath the title of the page "Referral Traffic". Click that and choose "CSV".
Screenshot of the export menu
Choose "CSV" from the "Export" menu

Save it in a place where you can find it, then use the form below to upload it so we can start parsing out the good from the bad.

Upload your CSV