SEO Content Length – Which is Better Short Form or Long Form Content?

Search engine optimization is an amazing technique through which you improve your brand’s visibility and site’s ranking & traffic. However, more often than not, good content plays a major part in giving the boosts your SEO campaign needs. Thus, one as to focus on researching and writing quality content that benefits their target audience if they want their site to rank #1 in the SERPs.

Most marketers (especially newbies) believe that short form content is the best as it is less time-consuming to create and more engaging than long-form content. However, while this might be true in some cases, from an SEO perspective, an in-depth long form article can help influence your ranking in the search result. This as been proven by a number of content length studies, which indicates that a blog post of 2000+ works is likely to rank higher, then an article of 500-1000 words.

Thus, to learn more about which is better – short form or long form content – or what is the ideal SEO content length you should focus on, read this comprehensive guide here. For now, check out this infographic that highlights the top 10 SEO benefits of long form content.

Content Length and Its 10 Factors Affecting SEO [Infographic] by the team at Capsicum Mediaworks

How Content Length Affects SEO and Conversion

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