SEO Content Length – Which is Better Short Form or Long Form Content?

Search engine optimization is an amazing technique through which you improve your brand’s visibility and site’s ranking & traffic. However, more often than not, good content plays a major part in giving the boosts your SEO campaign needs. Thus, one as to focus on researching and writing quality content that benefits their target audience if they want their site to rank #1 in the SERPs.

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Another Google Analytics Spam Update

So it appears that one of the major targets is the “Language” attribute of your referrals. But, since they all refer to the same, fake, domain we can easily filter these out.

Normally, you’ll see things like en, en-us, or maybe (not set) but currently there are some being injected that make reference to a fake version of Google, using a non-standard “G” to trick you. You might not even see this text unless you have the “User > Language” data being shown on your referrals but it’s likely there. Once you’ve set up the filter you’ll see how many actual references there are when you “verify” it.

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