Remove all .svn folders, recursively

Whenever I’ve left a website to a client for an extended period of time I feel the need to update the files in my repository to make sure it’s up to date. Before you replace the files in trunk with the files from the server it’s essential that you get rid of those pesky .svn system folders that will have been pushed to the production server when the site was deployed.

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Silverstripe, TinyMCE and complex HTML

If you’re using Silverstripe and you’re an experienced web developer you’ll notice, at some point, that there are some objects you can’t add into the HTML window of the editor. It’s not Silverstripe causing this, it’s TinyMCE. There are a list of snippets you are allowed to add and anything else will be removed. It’s easy to fix this, since I know you want to. I have discovered two methods. The first I found searching the web, must be for an earlier version of Silverstripe cause the file location and name didn’t match my install.

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DataGrid creation in Flex Builder 3 through Actionscript 3

I tried a few times to update a datagrid, created in MXML, with information from an XML file. Only to discover that it wasn’t easy to get away from caching issues that I was running into as a result of my itemRenderer. My solution was to build the datagrid, from scratch, in each instance and delete it when I needed to fetch a new result. Thus eliminating my caching problem, as the previous data was completely cleared. Problem was, I couldn’t find anything that told me the correct way to create a DataGrid in AS3 inside my MXML app. I pieced it together and here’s a simple example.

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