Jeremy Hixon

Web Developer

WordPress Options Page Generator

This is a simple web application used to make an options page for your WordPress theme or plugin. It provides the PHP code that you can copy paste into your theme functions or plugin base files. I wrote this for myself to cut down on the number of times I have to repeat work so I decided to share it.

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WordPress Meta Box Generator

I wrote a little application to generate the PHP code needed to add custom meta boxes to your WordPress theme. You input the title, what post types you want it to show up on and where and it generates the PHP code for you. You also have the option of setting the prefix and adding some descriptive text under the title.

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Migrating Away From WordPress

Let me start off by saying that I love WordPress. For the average user it's extremely friendly and for the developer it's pretty easy to work with. That being said, there's really no need for me, as a developer, to need it for my own site. There are a lot of things going on in the background of a WordPress site slowing things down. Those things are there to make the website easily updatable for those not well versed in the language of the internet. Having said all that, there are a few things WordPress has built into it that I absolutely love and decided to take with me.

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WordPress Multisite, Subdomains and Subfolders

The agency I work for recently converted a client with numerous, restaurant sites over to a WordPress multisite install. When we set it up to work on a staging server we used a “staging” subdomain for each individual site. The default functionality is to work on a root install of WordPress but this wasn’t going to work when the site that served as the root for the WordPress install was also installed on a “staging” subdomain.

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Optimize WordPress Loading Time

Something that goes without saying is that the load time of a page is important. Google takes load time into consideration with it's indexing algorithems. It's not as big of a consideration as say, relevance, but it matters. In the grand scheme of things, what do a few seconds matter? Turns out they could matter quite a lot.

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